Irish travel stunner for Ryanair cabin crew

FNV is demanding a severance payment, according to press officer Ernst Moeksis, for the last eight remaining Ryanair cabin employees at Eindhoven airport. The price fighter wants to fire them for economic reasons and has started a dissolution procedure with the subdistrict court in Eindhoven. This while the UWV previously ruled that there are no business economic reasons. Irish travel stunner. The

Broadly supported advice from Geel chance to give Eindhoven Airport a quality boost

Eindhoven Airport, the municipality of Eindhoven, the suburbs and the province of Noord-Brabant today sent their joint response to the Eindhoven Airport trial case advice to the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management and the State Secretary of Defense, represented in the Eindhoven Airport Steering Group after 2019. unanimously express their support for the advice