The Netherlands

Many complete the Bicycle City 2022 survey

The Fietsstad 2022 survey is closed with more than 48.000 respondents. Cyclists indicate that they do not enjoy cycling on roads shared with cars. But questions about scooters and mopeds on the cycle path, bicycle theft and the safety of children cycling to school were also poorly answered. Cyclists find roads on which

PicNic distribution center Utrecht open in January

Picnic will probably open its automated distribution center in Utrecht in January. In that location, groceries are largely automatically sorted, packed and distributed. The online supermarket, for which there are still waiting lists, wants to provide 150.000 households with groceries from Utrecht every week. The difference with other distribution centers is that an employee does not pass by with a cart

Need more money to solve transport problems

More money is structurally needed to solve the transport problems in the Netherlands. At the moment there is a danger that the negotiators for a new cabinet will only come to the formation table with one-off pots, instead of with structural investments. The Mobility Alliance warns about this. "Investments in the infrastructure of