The Netherlands

The Netherlands went out a lot last year

The Netherlands went out a lot last year. More than three quarters of the Dutch have visited an outing. Not only did people flock to forest and recreational areas, zoos and amusement parks were also popular. This is apparent from research by the ANWB during the election of the 'Best outing in the Netherlands 2022'. During the

Less traffic around large cities last year

It was also quieter on the roads last year than before the coronavirus outbreak. But that will not remain the case, the roads will become busier again when the corona restrictions are lifted, navigation maker TomTom expects. According to the company, this pressure can be divided by flexible working hours and by

Majority of cars sold within EU run on petrol

The number of new passenger cars sold in the European Union in 2021 consisted mainly of petrol cars. About 60 percent of all new cars still run on conventional fuels, European industry association ACEA reports. However, the share of hybrid cars, which run on both electricity and petrol, increased to almost a fifth