Last flight for Italian Alitalia

After the last flight from Sardinia to Rome, the existence of the Italian airline Alitalia will come to an end after Thursday. According to the timetable, the aircraft from Cagliari will land in Rome at 23.10:XNUMX, closing this chapter in Italian aviation history. From Friday, the Italian state airline will take

Airline ticket guarantee fund solution in case of bankruptcy

Travel industry organization ANVR, Consumers' Association, ANWB and guarantee fund SGR have been arguing for some time in favor of an airline ticket guarantee fund to better protect consumers in the event of an airline going bankrupt. After research, commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, SEO and Lexavia show that a national ticket guarantee fund is a good solution. The ANVR, enthusiastic and

Brussels Airlines is preparing for the summer

As the demand for holiday travel is expected to increase towards the summer months, Brussels Airlines wants to offer its customers attractive holiday destinations. With a wide range of holiday flights, the airline wants to offer its customers a positive outlook for the coming summer. In addition to 18 intercontinental destinations in Africa and North America, Brussels Airlines