ILT gives airlines heavy fines

The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) has imposed fines on KLM, Cathay Pacific Airways and Singapore Airlines of €40.100, €11.800 and 22.400 respectively. These airlines do not refund canceled tickets to aggrieved passengers who had booked through the now bankrupt D-reizen. They refuse that because the companies earlier

ILT stands up for passenger rights

The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) is preparing a sanction against a number of airlines. These airlines refuse to refund money to passengers. These passengers had bought individual airline tickets from the now bankrupt D-Reizen. Last spring, the ILT sent guidelines on this to the airlines. These guidelines state that the

Negative test result is increasingly being requested

The travel world is still upside down, travel restrictions apply everywhere and countries are bound by strict corona rules. The cabinet has advised us to only travel abroad if it is really necessary, this applies until at least 15 May. As of today, for example, as a Dutch person you are not allowed to Germany

Investigations into passenger rights by ILT

This year, the ILT (Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate) has started three new inspections into compliance with passenger rights and the reimbursement period for vouchers by airlines and booking websites. The ILT is also investigating the state of the provision of information about passenger rights on the websites of the airlines. The