Safe driving is also a profession

Safe driving is also a profession these days. How often do we read it in the newspaper or hear it on the news, another person has been arrested who was behind the wheel without a valid driver's license. These can be drivers who have a medical indication, such as dementia or being

Driving exams and driving lessons can continue

Unfortunately, it's that time again, we have been in a heavy lockdown since last Sunday. The Netherlands is completely locked down, all the feared rules of the previous lockdown have become reality again. And this just before the holidays, when everyone still has to do their shopping and probably in their own country

Weather consequences for theory exams CBR

New corona measures were announced by our cabinet last Friday, because the number of corona infections is increasing again. This announcement has consequences for various industries. It was short-lived, at the end of September the CBR announced that the one and a half meter measure and mouth cap obligation would be extended to them.