Aon starts testing ground with driver's license insurance

The future-proofing of shared mobility (vehicle rental) for both provider and user is under pressure due to the damage development of shared vehicles, such as scooters and cars. Risk and insurance advisor Aon is tackling this problem and will (soon) start a testing ground in which experiments are conducted with driver's license insurance. In this testing ground, where the

Travel providers do not warn about financial risks

Package travel providers do not warn customers about the financial risks associated with holidays to areas for which an orange travel advice applies at the time of booking due to corona. According to the Consumers' Association, the travel organizations are thus evading their legal duty of care and information, the association reports on the basis of a sample of travel organizations. The cabinet does not guess

Half of the electric city bikes are insured

Half of the electric city bikes in the Netherlands are insured. An estimated 1,9 million e-bikes would thus be covered by insurance, reports research agency Multiscope. This questioned thousands of Dutch people aged 18 and older for a large-scale study into electric bicycles. Insured persons are usually female, over 50 with an income of two

Surprisingly, Yarden still wins the case for non-cash policies

Funeral company Yarden has nevertheless achieved a victory at the court of appeal in Leeuwarden in the case concerning the in-kind policies. According to the judges, Yarden may nevertheless unilaterally limit the conditions for 390.000 insured parties in the case against the in-kind policies that had been brought by nineteen insured parties. The company was previously in financial distress