Medicines in traffic are central

Every year, the Institute for Responsible Use of Medicine (IVM) draws attention to responsible use of medicines. This year, medicines and traffic are central. Driving under the influence is a serious problem, life-threatening and causes many traffic accidents. Do we actually know that this also includes driving with certain medicines? And we know

Laughing gas use in traffic is worrying

For example, there have been many traffic incidents involving nitrous oxide in recent years. Hallucination, fainting or paralysis in the legs. Most young people find the use of laughing gas in traffic dangerous. Nevertheless, there are young people who participate in traffic with nitrous oxide. This is due to self overestimation and a misjudgment of the risks. Also

Make sure you are visible in fog

Using the right lighting is essential in fog. Fog can be dangerous in traffic. Using the right lighting is essential in fog. The front fog lights may come on before the rear fog lights and dipped beams must be turned on manually. Visibility is less than 200 meters