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Travel organizations happy with message Ernst Kuipers

Travel agents, travel organizations and undoubtedly the travelers themselves are happy with the message that follows from the press conference that Ernst Kuipers, Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, gave tonight: 'we' can go to numerous destinations worldwide! Finally, the government is responding to the many urgent calls from the travel sector and are

Travel industry furious about tightening rules for risk countries

'Don't fight a 'new' phenomenon such as omikron that is now all over the world with old measures' is the motto of an irritated travel umbrella organization ANVR. While the infection rate in most countries is much lower than in the Netherlands and many countries around us are easing more and more, increased

Despite code orange, many travelers still want to leave

After the changes in travel advice, in which the Spanish Islands, the mainland of Portugal and Cyprus, among others, turned orange, there was again uncertainty among consumers. Thousands of travelers who have booked a holiday before the start of summer are disappointed. At travel organization Prijsvrij Vakanties the phone was immediately