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ILT gives airlines heavy fines

The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) has imposed fines on KLM, Cathay Pacific Airways and Singapore Airlines of €40.100, €11.800 and 22.400 respectively. These airlines do not refund canceled tickets to aggrieved passengers who had booked through the now bankrupt D-reizen. They refuse that because the companies earlier

Airports benefit from crowds at Schiphol

The crowds at Schiphol ensure that travelers have local airports higher on their wish list. Since the start of the May holiday, there has been considerably more search for flights from Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Eelde and the German airports. Dé VakantieDiscounter has seen an increase in the number of searches for holidays from specific airports in recent weeks. Striking in this is

TUI expands offer of city trips by train

A city trip by train is an experience, the journey itself is already part of the holiday. TUI Netherlands signs an agreement with GreenCityTrip to broaden the range of city trips by train. The young company GreenCityTrip offers train travel to various cities in Europe. TUI will arrange the transport with

N-roads are relatively unsafe

200 million that the cabinet earmarks for safe N-roads 'drop in the ocean. It is a known fact that N-roads are relatively unsafe. The risk of an accident with a serious outcome is higher per kilometer driven on N-state roads than on state-managed highways. The Cabinet is therefore investing €