FNV Taxi goes for an hourly wage of 14 euros in new collective labor agreement

The collective labor agreement for Taxi transport will expire on 31 December. Healthcare transport & taxi drivers want a minimum wage of 14 euros in their new collective labor agreement. To reinforce this demand, FNV members presented the employers with proposals for a new collective labor agreement. In a registered letter, the trade association KNV was informed by Meindert Gorter

Rover understands the importance of a good collective labor agreement

The announced promotions of FNV Spoor on Thursday April 29, Friday April 30 and Saturday May 1 will be canceled. This allows carriers to restart their usual timetable from Thursday. Rail passengers, passenger transporters and freight transporters experienced a lot of inconvenience on Wednesday 28 April due to actions by the FNV Spoor trade union. The union took action because