STUD Holding, the parent company of the home delivery service Rent A Bob and private driver service E-Drivers, has also become owner of the driver platform DriveMe. At the same time, Rotterdam-based TMM has taken an interest in the newly formed mobility group as a Venture Builder. This collaboration means a far-reaching automation of companies Rent A Bob and E-Drivers and the further development of the DriveMe platform.

TMM Ventures has acquired a substantial interest in STUD Holding. Together with the founders of Rent A Bob, E-Drivers and DriveMe, Jeroen van der Kamp and Patrick Noordermeer, they are preparing to scale up the companies. The parties got to know each other with the startup DriveMe. On the DriveMe platform, self-employed private drivers can register for rides offered by customers.

TMM Ventures will expand its infrastructure so that Rent A Bob and E-Drivers can work with comparable technology. Then both freelancers and drivers in paid employment can carry out rides. “With TMM's knowledge of scalability and IT, we are gearing up for a great adventure. We can now finally do what we've wanted to do for years, which is to build seamless technology with ultimate ease of use for drivers and clients," said Noordermeer and Van der Kamp.

Rent A Bob in particular lends itself to a pan-European scaleup. In 2004 Rent A Bob was the first to enter the Dutch market from The Hague with a home delivery service. Customers are brought home in their own car by a driver who can also be ordered last-minute. This concept has potential in all European countries. The automated system will be a ready-to-use package that can also be rolled out in other markets.

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freelancers and salaried drivers can carry out ridesritten
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