Fortunately, we can travel to more and more countries again. Traveling abroad is a bit different than we are used to, taking a break just as quickly is completely different than before the corona crisis. Many countries require a negative corona test and you have to make an appointment for this at one of the test locations. In recent months, the free corona test options for holidays have been eagerly used. Since 1 July you can make an appointment on to be tested for free before your holiday. This free service from the government would actually be offered until August 31, but was eventually extended by one month until September 30. If you go on holiday to certain countries, you must have a PCR or Antigen test done in advance at a test location in the Netherlands. You can then upload the negative result in the form of a QR code in the CoronaCheck app.

This way you can travel to countries that require a negative corona test upon entry. From 1 October this free service from the government will expire, then you can only make an appointment at a commercial test location of your choice that performs Antigen (rapid) tests or PCR tests. It is useful to ask in advance at the relevant test location whether you can upload this test result in the CoronaCheck app. From now on you will have to pay the costs of these tests yourself. Also with this negative test result you should be able to upload a QR code in the Corona check app. The costs for testing at, for example, vary from €39,95 to €189,95. At The Corona Lab it varies from €34,95 to €79,95. It is therefore advisable to orientate yourself in the prices before you go on holiday.

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traveling in corona times
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