GP tom puts Slovakia and the Czech Republic on a technical lead in the new payment era. The new service is available to all merchants who have an Android payment terminal or a Global Payments mobile terminal app. The cryptocurrency service is provided by GoCrypto, the world's leading crypto payment provider. Starting to accept crypto currencies is extremely easy. Entrepreneurs just need to sign a contract with Global Payments and an android application called GP tom te download.

“There is now a huge interest in cryptocurrencies and we want to enable people to pay with crypto in the mainstream. They no longer just need to store their cryptocurrency, but start using it for payments. This means they can walk into a store, select goods and pay with crypto.”

Žiga Toni, deputy CEO of GoCrypto

GP tom is ideal for taxi drivers. The biggest advantage of the GP tom application is that smaller merchants no longer need additional hardware for payment terminals. They can just accept payments on their mobile phone. The price for the transaction is 1,25% of the amount paid. This fee is paid by the taxi driver. A receipt is issued electronically via SMS, email or by displaying and scanning a QR code. 

The GP tom application allows merchants to accept crypto currency and card payments with their mobile phones instead of the classic terminal. The app works on all phones with the Android 8 operating system, an internet connection and an NFC chip. Payment terminals in Central Europe currently process approximately 890.000 transactions per day. That is 180.000 more than before the corona crisis, an increase of 25%. The average transaction amount also increased, from 22 to 25 euros.

About Global Payments

The world's largest provider of payment services and technology. The company is active in 100 countries, has 24.000 employees and 3,5 million customers. It processes more than 50 billion transactions per year. GP focuses mainly on smaller merchants and entrepreneurs and ensures that customers can pay with their card both in traditional shops and on the internet. Global Payments equips stores with terminals and e-shops with payment gateways. In stores, customers can easily pay with their card, mobile phone or watch.

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