The support in society for all new measures of the outgoing cabinet is crumbling further now that the cabinet would prefer to immediately introduce the so-called 2G policy to quickly slow down the spread of the corona virus. The catering industry must close its doors from 20.00 p.m., casinos close at the same time and shops must be visited during the day. In the evening and at night there is again little to do for taxi drivers in the streets of many large cities. That sector does not even get a chance to recover from the deep trough.


If the advice to invite a maximum of four visitors at home also applies during the holidays, an exception will be made for Sinterklaas, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and the Jewish holiday Hanukkah. That is what outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge wrote in a letter to the House of Representatives. Still, the uncertainty created after the last press conference is reason to cancel events en masse. The Sinterklaas committees in Edam and Volendam have decided to cancel the Sinterklaas parade on Sunday in both places. The tightening of the corona measures announced by the cabinet on Friday makes passage of the arrivals impossible, according to the organizations.

Efteling theme park Kaatsheuvel

Efteling Park

Visitors to the amusement park in the Brabant Kaatsheuvel de Efteling will not enter without a corona ticket from Sunday. The reason is the cabinet decision to make people again obliged to keep 1,5 meters away in places where no CTB is required. As a 'non-essential service', the Efteling Park must close every day at 3 p.m. in the coming period (at least until 18.00 December). The opening times are therefore more limited. In anticipation of this, Efteling will, on the mandatory advice of the municipality, ask guests for a corona ticket from Sunday 14 November. It is simply not possible for the park to reapply all signage and lines in this short period of time and thus guarantee the 1,5 meters distance. The park is 65 hectares and we have 200 unique locations. They therefore have no choice but to request a corona ticket at the entrance if they want to comply with the measures.

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Support base

A corona pass for non-essential shops is "unworkable". That is what the trade association of non-food stores INretail says, which itself mainly advocates more diversification. The organization also has serious doubts about the cabinet decision to close non-essential stores at 18.00 p.m. According to INretail, there is a lack of staff to check the corona pass at the door, this only causes unwanted discussions and there is therefore no support among retailers for this measure. According to the organization, research shows that 81 percent of entrepreneurs find the corona ticket for non-essential shops unacceptable.


The outgoing cabinet will come "in the shortest possible term" with extra support for entrepreneurs affected by the tightened corona measures. Prime Minister Mark Rutte promised this during the corona press conference. Work is being done on “a decent compensation”, he assures. According to Rutte, the cabinet has always "generous" compensated entrepreneurs for their loss of turnover as a result of the corona measures. “That is the intention again.” But he says he can give "no 100 percent guarantee" that they will be reimbursed for all their damage.

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