The new corona measures demand a lot from taxi entrepreneurs. To support affected entrepreneurs, the cabinet is expanding the support package for the fourth quarter of 2021. For November and December 2021, the NOW will reimburse 85% of the wage costs with at least 20% loss of turnover. The subsidy pays out up to a maximum of 80% loss of turnover. Employers who started between 1 February 2020 and 30 September 2021 can also claim the NOW, provided they meet the conditions.

Allowance for Fixed Expenses

Due to the new corona measures, the cabinet has also decided toe to open the Fixed Charges Allowance (TVL) to entrepreneurs on a quarterly basis. The scheme is intended for entrepreneurs who have at least 2021% less turnover in the fourth quarter of 30 (compared to the reference quarter). The subsidy percentage will be increased from 85% to 100%. TVL Q4 2021 opens for SMEs, large companies as soon as the European Commission has amended and approved the scheme. The TVL Q4 is intended for taxi entrepreneurs and companies with SBI code 49.32 and 49.39.1.


Tax deferral for entrepreneurs is automatically extended until the end of 2021. Entrepreneurs who have not previously applied for a tax deferral or have already repaid all debt can still apply for this. The postponement also applies to quarterly declarations for the end of 2021 that will be paid in January 2022. The recovery rate will remain at almost zero (0,01%) for another six months until 1 July 2022.


In any case, entrepreneurs have the certainty that they can count on the same package for the fourth quarter as in the third quarter. Which means: Allowance for Fixed Expenses, NOW en tax deferral.

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