A new screen has been placed on the facade of the RDW building on Rozenburglaan in Groningen on which they show the last issued license plates of passenger cars. This screen hangs in a visible location at the front of the building. The ICT division is located in the building. There, the development and management of the vehicle registration register and the exchange of data with partners of RDW such as the police, insurers, municipalities, CJIB and the tax authorities are ensured.

Replacement license plate display

For more than a decade, a license plate display has hung at the front of the building. The technology of the old screen was outdated and as a result the screen remained black. This new LED screen is a much improved version. The last issued license plate number appears on the display every 3 minutes. Also on the website www.rdw.nl to see the last issued license plate and to request certain vehicle data via the RDW license plate check application.

Function of the license plate

The issuance of the license plate is important for road safety and reliability. Through the license plate, enforcers have insight into technical and environmental data that they can check. An owner/holder is also linked to the license plate, who can be held responsible for traffic violations. The license plate often comes in handy when investigating other forms of crime. That is why it is important that the license plate is easy to read and remember. This is why there are dashes between the numbers and letters and the plate is made of material that reflects light from all sides (retro-reflective).

History of the license plate

In 1898, the Netherlands was the first country in the world to introduce a number plate. At the time, they were simply numbered. At first this was done per province. In 1951, the then National Road Traffic Agency took care of the national registration. The first official license plate was ND-00-01. Since then, various number-letter combinations have formed the license plate.

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Zeger Baelde (director of operations) and Gert-Jan Theuwissen (division manager ICT) unveil new LED screen with last issued license plate.
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