Just free and trusted WhatsApp is much cheaper than sending SMS messages.

More and more customers like to keep in touch with companies through their favorite channel. And for most of us, that's WhatsApp. For example, no fewer than nine out of ten customers are active on WhatsApp, of which 97% of all young people are active.

The Eindhoven software company Pitane Mobility is responding nicely to this, because simply WhatsApp for free is much cheaper than sending SMS messages. They integrated all the possibilities of WhatsApp Business. For example, you can set up autoresponders and let the customer respond to questions via the handy integration of webhooks.

That may sound quite technical to most of us. But who doesn't know it? WhatsApp is the instant messaging mobile app developed for the smartphone. The latest version of the software integrates this service for sending messages, passwords or tokens. Sending location data of a journey or QR codes of journey orders to the customer in order to provide the driver with all the correct information is also possible.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp is working on making WhatsApp available for the business market. They have developed a free WhatsApp Business app for this. The WhatsApp Business solution is an effective tool to have quality conversations and improve your customer service and business results. For example, the integration with WhatsApp Business is also a good alternative to customer service that you normally have to reach via email. WhatsApp Business makes communication with customers or drivers easy by using tools that allow you to send automated messages, sort messages and reply quickly.

This app is free to download in the App Store on your phone. And can function as a second WhatsApp app on your phone, with a different phone number. There are two different WhatsApp apps that you can download on your phone. The main difference is that this app is intended to use WhatsApp for business. That is to say, this app was created to support companies in communicating via WhatsApp. Basically this app looks the same as the normal WhatsApp app. However, a number of additional business functionalities have been added to the WhatsApp Business app. 

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