The flight starts already when you arrive at the airport. Here you have to be patient, because it is waiting, waiting and waiting again.

It will be busy at Schiphol this summer, which means you will have to wait longer. Unfortunately, you can't get through the queue faster with children. With a small child in a queue you literally have your hands full under normal circumstances. Officially, you can fly with your baby 7 days after birth, provided you have had a normal delivery without complications. However, it is recommended that you start flying with your baby at the earliest when he is 6 weeks or older. 

At Schiphol you can always take your baby to one of the many 'Baby Care' places. You will find these near the toilets and other sanitary facilities. If you have already passed security and are flying outside the Schengen area, you can also visit the Baby Care Lounge on Holland Boulevard. Don't forget that you often have to walk a long way at the airport. 

First to the check-in desk, then on to customs and then towards the gate. Once your baby grows up, it is no longer pleasant to carry him on your arm all the time. So make sure you bring a baby carrier or sling with you. If your child is a bit older, a buggy is ideal.

You can distract your little world traveler with his favorite stuffed animal, a book or other toys.

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Officially you can fly with your baby 7 days after birth.


But what do you do when the 'Baby Care' places are not even close and you are standing outside? Upon arrival, people have no idea what they are getting into. The line is much longer than you think and it is completely opaque how long you will be queuing. Many travelers who go there 4 hours in advance were still outside when they found out after only 2 hours of queueing that they would probably miss their flight. Once inside, the worst has yet to begin. 

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“The queue is getting closer and closer, it spans several floors. Quarrels break out, a few become aggressive. Schiphol employees recommend to stay in line anyway, who knows, maybe the flight will be waiting," said van der Waals on Twitter. Certain flights have been canceled. In July there are on average 13.500 seats too many available compared to the number of security guards. Demand for air travel exceeds the highest scenarios. “There are three security bands open, one for a sort of priority row. The rest is abandoned due to staff shortages.”

"A young Schiphol employee is standing with tears in her eyes because people are acting aggressively towards her. The Schiphol staff is on their gums, are left to their own devices by the company with minimal instructions and hardly any authority to act"

Kelli van der Waals journalist
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At Schiphol there has been chaos at the baggage belts for weeks.
There are thousands of suitcases waiting to be sent back or to be picked up by their owners. Due to the staff shortage at Schiphol, many suitcases are lost because travelers are taken to their holiday destination without their luggage or sometimes have to wait for hours at Schiphol for their possession.
reputational damage
Schiphol is practically a city in itself and had an excellent reputation as a pleasant and convenient airport to stay at. It's different now. Schiphol now ranks in the top 10 of the worst airports in the world. At Schiphol airport there is 61% of flights are delayed and 5,2% of scheduled flights are cancelled. Schiphol, once the pride of the Netherlands, scores poorly. Icelandair, the national airline of Iceland, even sends its own baggage unloaders along. The company flies twice a day to Schiphol from the capital Reykjavik. A a number of other airlines choose to divert to other airports. 
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Cancellation of flights due to structural staff shortages is not insured.

If your flight is cancelled, please contact your travel organization and/or airline. They have a contract with you and, if they cannot fulfill it, must offer a suitable alternative. Or reimburse (extra) costs incurred. In this case you can no appeal on your cancellation insurance. The cancellation of flights due to a structural staff shortage is often not covered by the cancellation insurance.
Tip: If you bring a buggy, you can use it up to the gate. Give it to the staff at the gate and they will arrange for the buggy to go into the hold. It is advisable to put a cover around your buggy, so that it cannot be damaged (more tips).
Take your time. We wish you a nice trip!
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