Bystanders threw bottles of water for the travelers through the smashed windows.

The Thalys train was stopped for about four hours in the Parisian suburb of Saint Denis due to a malfunction. Because the air conditioning in the train did not work, the temperature rose considerably, travelers have tried to smash the windows of the train to get fresh air. Thalys said that the fire brigade helped with the evacuation, but it is not known why the passengers were not removed from the train earlier.


Without air conditioning, without information. It was hell for travelers. Bystanders threw bottles of water for the travelers through the smashed windows. About 750 passengers were stuck for more than four hours on a Thalys train just outside Paris-Nord station. The train suffered a breakdown just after departure from Paris. Furious passengers tried everything to get out and started smashing windows. Literally dangerous! Being locked up for hours in a train in which the temperature has risen to well above 40 degrees. It is fortunate that no one has died.

Thalys left at 21:09 via Twitter know that occupants will be “assisted immediately”. At 21:38 pm they wrote that the doors of the train are blocked, but the fire brigade is on the way. Much to the anger of one tweeter: “After three hours? While people get unwell and windows get smashed? How on earth is that possible?”

Footage has been posted on social media of a man smashing a train window, trying to get some fresh air. Other images show bystanders trying to throw water in through a smashed window. All passengers were eventually evacuated using ladders.

power failure SNCF

Also today, all trains in the Lille region were stopped due to a power failure. On Twitter, a few minutes after announcing that traffic in Hauts-de-France would be completely interrupted until 10 am, the SNCF finally explained that the outage had been resolved and that traffic would gradually resume. Still, northern users will struggle for a few more hours until everything is back in place. The SNCF has not made any statement as to the exact cause of this electrical failure. According to the regional vice president, quoted in The voice of the North, it was a massive power outage that started at 05.30:XNUMX am. RTE and Enedis went on site to determine the cause of the malfunction.

On his Twitter account, TER Hauts-de-France stated: “A power failure at the stations of Lille Flandres and Lille Europe is preventing all train traffic. Traffic is completely interrupted in Hauts-de-France until 10 am”. In addition, the transport company indicates that "no replacement bus is planned".

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