This concerns students who are not in regular education.

In many municipalities, Connexxion Taxi Services provides student transport for thousands of students in special education. This makes Connexxion Taxi Services the largest in our country in this area. The municipalities of Eindhoven and Waalre have signed the agreement. The assignment will take effect on 1 August 2022 and consists of transporting approximately 790 students to various schools. The duration of the contract is 5 years with the unilateral option to extend.

“Every child has the right to appropriate education and the opportunity to develop at his or her own level. For some children, that is at a school that is not around the corner from their house. We believe it is important that these students are safely and reliably transported to and from school. In Connexxion we see a reliable partner and look forward to continuing the collaboration”.

Stijn Steenbakkers, Alderman Education Municipality of Eindhoven

In total, about 800 pupils are transported to and from school. From the first day of the new school year, 5 September 2022, Connexxion will transport around 800 students from Eindhoven and Waalre to and from school. This is divided over approximately 150 trips per day. This concerns pupils who are not in regular education, but who go to other schools in the region where they receive the support, care and/or guidance they need. All transport movements are fully electric. Connexxion, part of Transdev Nederland, is purchasing nearly 100 new electric taxis and taxibuses for this assignment.

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“It's great to be able to provide sustainable transport for our students in electric buses with our partner Connexxion after the summer holidays.”

Liesbeth Sjouw, Councilor for Education, Municipality of Waalre

The collaboration between the three organizations is also reflected in another theme; a sustainable workforce. For example, a link has been made between Connexxion and the Employment Team (WGT) of the municipality of Eindhoven. The WGT supports the recruitment of personnel, including personnel with a distance to the labor market (social return). The latter group includes people with a limited education, long-term job seekers or older (55+) job applicants. Every new driver first receives training and an experienced driver as a buddy.

“We are pleased to be able to contribute to this important transport in this region. This means continuity for our people and expansion of the work. Here we will quickly and together recruit new colleagues”.

Lucien Brouwers, director of Connexxion Taxi Services
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