The government would like to make better use of the social benefits that the bicycle offers.

In the Netherlands, more than 200.000 underage children live in a family that has to make ends meet on social assistance. In these families there is not always money for a bicycle. While cycling is not only healthy, but also offers children and parents freedom and independence. Heijnen therefore wants more children who are unable to do so now, to be able to use a bicycle. The ministry is currently investigating what is needed for this and what is possible. An action plan will be drawn up shortly.

Healthy, cheap and clean. The government would like to make better use of the social benefits that the bicycle offers. More people cycling to work, a bicycle plan for children in poor families and investments in good parking facilities at stations and new residential areas. These are the spearheads of State Secretary Heijnen's new bicycle policy. A new study shows that cycling is good for our economy and employment.

"Good infrastructure is a very important condition for getting people on their bikes and allowing them to cycle safely. Municipalities and provinces already have good plans for this, and this support from the ministry ensures that these plans can now be implemented. good news."

Cyclists' Union director Esther van Garderen
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Healthy, cheap and clean.

Heijnen wants 2,5 extra people to cycle to work over the next 100.000 years. Cycling saves traffic on the road and in public transport during rush hour. In addition, cyclists call in sick less often on average. Despite more working from home, it is expected that the crowds during rush hour will increase in the coming years. Under the coalition agreement, Heijnen has made €50 million available for further improvement of bicycle sheds at the stations, so that it is more attractive to cycle part of the journey to and from work. It also expressly seeks cooperation with employers.

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Heijnen also wants to contribute to the construction of a nationwide network of cycle routes, which provinces and municipalities are already fully engaged in. On these routes you can cycle quickly and safely on longer distances, for example between 2 cities, for example to work or school. It structurally earmarks € 6 million per year for this.

"The bicycle literally and figuratively helps us move forward. Fortunately, we find that very normal in the Netherlands, but it does not happen automatically. That is why I want to make cycling attractive for more people in the coming years, together with employers and other governments. For our accessibility, health and the clean air."

Secretary of State Heijnen

The bicycle provides many social benefits, and also means tailwind for our economy. New research shows that making, selling and renting bicycles provides our country with 13.000 full-time jobs, spread over 3350 companies. In 2020, Dutch companies sold 1,2 million bicycles, of which more than 1 million were sold abroad. The total export value of the sector was just under 2 billion. We earn more and more money abroad, between 2015 and 2020 the export value increased by 70%.

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