The periodic Relationship Research Partnerships Car Companies - or ROSA - by BOVAG Independent Car Companies shows that the appreciation of entrepreneurs for their garage formula has increased further. In the survey conducted this year, the formulas received an overall rating of 7,9, up from 7,8 two years ago and 2018 in 7,7. 

To participate in ROSA 2022, BOVAG invited more than 2.500 independent car companies from different formulas. More than 30 percent completed the questionnaire, which contained 40 statements in 5 categories: policy, marketing, technology, purchasing and general. None of the formulas scored an unsatisfactory mark. Autovakmeester and Carprof received the highest general rating from their affiliated entrepreneurs, with both an 8,9. Behind it was a quartet that scored an 8,7, namely AutoFirst, Carteam, Vakgarage and the 'combination of brand specialists', being MBSG, PCA, TOP and VETOS.   

Dissatisfaction with lease
The respondents were most satisfied with 'maintaining independent entrepreneurship' (score 8,4) and 'the obligations and requirements with regard to the building, appearance and house style' (8,1). The greatest dissatisfaction is with all statements concerning the business or lease market, all of which are assessed with figures around 6,0. A number of formulas themselves indicate that they are not active in this field at all, but ROSA shows that many participants apparently wish to do so. The assessment for only two statements decreased compared to 2020: 'satisfaction with the prescribed wholesaler(s)/framework contracts offered' (-0,3 points) and 'discount agreements for parts' (-0,1).

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Flexibility and creativity
Gerard ten Buuren, chairman of BOVAG Independent Autobedrijven, is pleased with the results, but at the same time adds nuance: “Almost all garage formulas are becoming more and more professional. The general appreciation has risen step by step and with a few even very big steps have been taken. However, Corona also caused ringing cash registers at the car companies and there was more than enough work in the store, so plenty of happy faces in the industry. Then there is often little to complain about other things.” Ten Buuren emphasizes the power of a formula in times of crisis: “Everyone has their own challenges at the moment. The staff shortage affects the entire BV Netherlands, but it is precisely in the event of delivery problems that a garage formula has to show what it is worth. Then it comes down to the network, purchasing power, flexibility and creativity. Judging by the research results, the formulas are a must, and that is worthy of a big compliment.” 

Even higher level
“The response from entrepreneurs and the cooperation of the formulas themselves show that ROSA is very important; for the one to be able to give his opinion and for the other to pick up points for improvement. And BOVAG also gets to work on those points for improvement, because after a ROSA study we invariably visit the formulas. We then discuss the plus points and we ask how they plan to tackle the points for improvement. In this way we are taking our industry to an even higher level and I am confident that the upward trend will continue in the next survey. On to an 8 in 2024!", concludes the chairman of BOVAG.

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