We were allowed again: after two corona summers, many Dutch people took the plane or car to a foreign holiday destination this year. The fact that the number of foreign holidays is back to the level before corona is also visible in the number of requests for help from travelers in need. For example, Eurocross Alarm Center received about 52.000 telephone calls in the summer period, compared to about 2019 in 56.000 (versus about 37.000 in 2021 and 22.000 in 2020). What things stood out?

Increase in possible rabies infections

The number of reports of possible rabies this year is striking: no less than 130 (versus approximately ten reports in 2020 and 2021). Most reports came from countries in Asia, such as Indonesia. The reports also increased closer to home, for example from Eastern Europe, Morocco and Turkey. Due to the scarcity of antibodies abroad, repatriation to the Netherlands was required more often, which usually meant an abrupt end to the journey.

Scarcity of antibodies and preventive vaccines

In addition to the scarcity of the antibodies that are necessary in the event of a possible infection without prior vaccination, there is now also a worldwide scarcity of vaccines that can be administered in advance.

"RIVM has instructed the GGD to give a selective vaccination in advance. For example, only in people who are clearly at risk, such as backpackers who go walking or cycling in more rural areas. The problem is shifting because many other people travel unprotected, but also struggle locally to get the necessary vaccines, knowing this, it is extra important for travelers to avoid any kind of contact with animals. contact your emergency center immediately in case of possible contamination".

Floriana, doctor at Eurocross.

Notifications abroad

In total, the help of the emergency center Called in more than 14.000 times for medical or technical problems abroad. Most medical reports came from Spain, Turkey and France. Most technical reports from France, Germany and Italy. The number of technical reports this high season was no less than 20% higher than in 2019. Over the entire summer, most technical reports concerned problems with tires, starting problems and broken clutches.

In terms of medical reports, gastrointestinal problems, appendicitis and accidental injuries were at the top. The fact that appendicitis is number two is striking, as ear infections were more common in other peak seasons. Appendicitis has a major impact on the holiday, because the person has to be operated on immediately on the spot. In terms of injuries, in addition to the usual bicycle and scooter accidents, there were relatively many accidents involving quad bikes on the Greek islands. Often resulting in serious injury.

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