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Cycling for pleasure is immensely popular in our country. From long bike rides to short detours, from home or during holidays. But the range of paths and roads is not designed for the increased and changed use. Insufficient additional facilities along the route cause annoyance among recreational cyclists, according to research initiated by the ANWB and partly distributed by Fietsersbond, NTFU and Stichting Landelijk Fietsplatform. Provide not only safe and comfortable paths, but also good facilities along the route, is the common message of the organizations that are committed to recreational bicycle use. This way we not only keep it safe, but also fun. The call is part of a broader Top 10 of recreational cycling recommendations that the organizations recently presented.

Insufficient benches and public toilets

The biggest annoyance when it comes to 'places to take a break' is the lack of benches. Secondly, there is an insufficient supply of public toilets. In Friesland, the lack of toilets is even seen as the biggest obstacle. In the summer of 2020, the Bicycle Platform already supported the toilet alliance, an initiative of the Maag Lever Darm Foundation, for sufficient public and open toilets. The range of water taps and charging points is also indicated by the cyclist as a point for improvement. 

“It is important to have a good spread of these facilities. And so a good overview. That is often missing now. The quality of these facilities is also important. Management and maintenance must be properly arranged, otherwise the value will be limited or even negative ”

Top 10 recreational cycling

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Recreational bicycle use has been growing for years. Cyclists are hindered by the crowds and would like more safety and comfort on bicycle paths and roads. The government has an important role to play here. The next state elections will be held in March next year. This offers the opportunity to set new priorities. Umbrella organization Fietsplatform therefore drew up a Top 10 for recreational cycling together with ANWB, Fietsersbond and cycling association NTFU. This offers concrete handles with recommendations on the way to the elections. The joint request: include the points in the election programs and then in the upcoming council agreement, according to National Cycling Platform Foundation.

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