Are taxi companies engaged in trade fairs and innovation?

Half-empty halls and conspicuously absent exhibitors at trade shows are not good signals for many sectors. Taxi companies will also soon be able to attend the trade fair in Houten. Taxi Expo is the event for taxi entrepreneurs and clients. Taxi Expo consists of a trade fair, workshops and the National Congress Contract Transport. The themes for this year's fair edition are diverse. 

For example, chairman of Royal Dutch Transport Bertho Eckardt talks about the state of affairs for target group transport post-corona. Henk van Gelderen (AIM) will discuss how target group transport can be organized more efficiently while maintaining quality. Jan Troost, as an experience expert, talks about the transport needs of the user and what they encounter.

Interest in transportation by volunteers is increasing. Marieke Boon and Femke Nannes ask the question whether this is bread robbery or an opportunity for the sector? In any case, the current times require adjustment of contracting authorities and tenderers. During the Taxi Expo, Lawyer & Adviser Tim Robben will discuss uncertainties during the execution phase of a tender.

Process manager for the renewal of target group transport Bas Witte of the province of Utrecht wants to discuss the integration of target group transport and public transport with those present. From November this year, Regiotaxi Utrecht WMO pass holders can travel for free. The process manager explains this pilot, in the totality of the program, and explains what is involved in the execution of the trial.

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Taxi Expo Houten

A survey shows that many companies are now busy with other things. The acute shortage of drivers forces many entrepreneurs to get behind the wheel of the taxi themselves. Little or no time for visiting trade fairs or workshops. After two years of misery it is now'push on' in the taxi sector to repay deferred payments. In addition, the economic situation has changed slightly. We are in a major energy crisis.


However, there is no reason to panic for the time being. Less crowds also have their advantages. Entrepreneurs who do find the time to visit a trade fair may be able to pay more attention to what exhibitors are offering at the fair. Although investments within the sector are on the back burner, there is no shortage of innovation. But every coin has two sides.

Taxi Expo '22 takes place on 6 October 2022 at Expo Houten.

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