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Because BOVAG entrepreneurs are confronted with major challenges in the energy transition, on the way to climate-neutral moving and doing business, BOVAG is starting the platform www.bovagenergie.nl. With information, advice, tools, products and services. BOVAG members stand at the bar to participate in the energy transition. How companies should and can deal with energy is changing rapidly. Their products and services are given an (extra) energy component due to the increase in electric transport; their energy consumption for their own business is growing or changing and it is becoming interesting to generate and store energy yourself or even to sell it. 

In addition, legislation and regulations impose new requirements on sectors, companies and means of transport. Think of the Climate Agreement, Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence (CSDD) and mandatory reporting of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and Zero Emission city logistics. And at the same time, companies have to deal with sky-high energy prices and a full power grid, which makes feeding back difficult or impossible and denying large-scale users the connection. 


All this does not make doing business any easier. Entrepreneurs have to deal with things they have never had to deal with before. Since this year, the number of members asking BOVAG for help with regard to sustainability, rising energy prices, energy contracts, charging station plazas and grid congestion has increased significantly. And that is why BOVAG wants to help its members in this transition.  

Op www.bovagenergie.nl There are several tools that help you make business decisions. In the first instance, consider a tool that helps answer the question: How many charging stations do I need and how do I go about this? And the answer to the question: How do I find my way in the forest of subsidy schemes? More tools will follow. 

Concrete products

Furthermore, via BOVAGenergie.nl members have access to concrete products and services that help to reduce their energy costs. For example, an independent energy expert who comes to do an energy scan on location or a solution for storing self-generated energy in a local battery. But also independent advice on subsidies, financing and insurance, help with choice, installation and insurance of solar panels; affordable purchase of LED lighting, heating panels and charging stations; and in due course an (own) 'energy marketplace' for BOVAG members who jointly generate, store and distribute energy to each other and elsewhere, according to BOVAG.

"What you see here is truly BOVAG 2.0. We help members respond to fluctuating energy prices and embrace the energy transition. We help to save energy, to balance the power grid and to generate and return energy within our own 'energy pool', so that the money stays within the industry and we take the first step towards CO2 neutral business and the generation of sufficient green energy."

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