Still Sinterklaas entry with steamboat in Amsterdam

Sinterklaas will make his entry into the capital by boat this year, the organization Sinterklaas Foundation in Amsterdam reported on Thursday. The saintly man and his helpers will arrive by steamboat for a limited audience, after which a "compact party" will follow at the Marine Etablissement Amsterdam, according to the chairman of the foundation.

ILT and Amsterdam work together on taxi checks

On Friday 24 September, Inspector General Jan van den Bos of the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) paid a working visit to the municipality of Amsterdam. He became acquainted with Egbert de Vries, who has been alderman for traffic and transport, water and air quality in the city since January. Both were also present at a

Amsterdam abandons traditional Sinterklaas entry

Just like last year, the municipality of Amsterdam is forgoing a traditional Sinterklaas entry, NH Nieuws reports. Safety considerations and complex measures involved in organizing an event were decisive. Despite the fact that most corona measures are no longer in force, the organization does not yet dare to take it. The