Business travel market expects rapid recovery

Recent research by travel industry organization ANVR among customers of business travel organizing companies shows that, once travel restrictions are lifted, the business travel market will show a rapid recovery, but it will change. For example, due to the digital alternatives that have been (re)discovered, travel will not be shorter, but less, with more attention from the company

ANVR travel companies will carry out trips worldwide

From now on, various travel companies, affiliated with the travel industry organization ANVR, will carry out trips to all kinds of destinations worldwide at the request of travelers. Now that almost 80% of Dutch 18+ people have been fully vaccinated and support measures, according to the cabinet, are no longer necessary because there are practically no more restrictive measures, the travel sector sees room for improvement.

ANVR furious with cabinet about stopping support

The government's corona support will be discontinued, but the cabinet will continue to stick to travel restrictions for practically all countries outside Europe. Travel industry organization ANVR is furious about this. The travel industry will carry out trips if the customer so desires and the tour operator can arrange the trip safely. In the letter to the