Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is a major change from mobility as we know and experience it now. For that we need to look at mobility differently, and now more than ever during this corona crisis. KNV, CROW, and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment will organize three knowledge cafés on Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in 2020. The first digital meeting on Wednesday 24 June, organized by CROW, examines the consequences of the corona crisis for MaaS and behavioral change.

A series knowledge cafes with the aim of not only looking at mobility differently, but also to be able to make other choices, see new trends and learn from best practices. Each knowledge café in the series will highlight a different aspect of mobility. As a common thread, we follow the lessons of the past, the present and we work together towards a future-proof mobility system. With behavioral change as the central theme in this first edition.

welcome to the new world

Behavioral change in mobility is difficult and takes small steps. But external factors such as the coronavirus can have a beneficial effect in some situations. Mobility is dealt with differently. Where employers used to be reluctant to work from home, we can no longer live without it. And this is now considered 'normal' in this new world.

already a glimpse

Matthijs Dicke - who works at Goudappel Coffeng - already provides an insight into behavioral change in the field of mobility and what is the key to successfully building a future-proof mobility system.

Do you also want to know how behavioral change mobility can be applied to MaaS or what the possible consequences of corona are for MaaS concepts? Then we would like to see you on June 24! You can register via this link.

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