As of today, customers can order charging stations at Coolblue for their home on site and have them installed. The webshop announced on their website that they are going to start installing charging stations in the Rotterdam, Utrecht and Tilburg area. Later this year, Coolblue wants to expand this rapidly to the rest of the Netherlands.

Today Coolblue starts selling and installing charging stations. Customers receive advice on the best charging station for them, and Coolblue specialists will install the charging station. Coolblue is also available to its customers after installation. They do not yet install charging stations at business parks, hotels, restaurants or in public spaces, and also not yet at homes that are affiliated with a VvE (Association of Owners).

Pieter Zwart, CEO of Coolblue: “Today we are starting to sell and install charging stations full of energy. Customers with their own driveway or garage can contact us for a charging station. We start in Rotterdam, Utrecht and Tilburg and the surrounding area. We will then expand rapidly to the rest of the Netherlands. In this way, customers always leave home charged and we make even more customers happy ”.

With the sale and installation of charging stations, Coolblue is expanding its own installation service even further. A charging station is already available from € 700. There are 4 different charging stations for sale Coolblue. In addition to washing machines, TVs, solar panels and smart home products, the retailer will also install charging stations from today.

Photo above: Coolblue

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