For Minke Jansma, Sector Head Transport FNV, the question is whether you should congratulate or offer condolences to the carrier in question. In an initial response on LinkedIn, Jansma says that the Eastern Scheldt Regional Transport tender excels in a negative sense. The route transport and demand-dependent transport in the Oosterschelde region has been assessed for two years solely on the basis of price and awarded to transport company Citax from Tiel. Previously, after a bankruptcy in February 2020 of the contracted Middelburg carrier TCR, this transport was carried out by Connexxion under a bridging agreement.

According to Jansma, you can only award on price and then also for a price that is simply not realistic. Paying and investing the employees in a decent way is really not possible for the stated prices. FNV has clearly and clearly expressed its criticism in advance towards the contracting party, but it fell on deaf ears. 

The race to the bottom (I thought we were already there ...) continues ... Oosterschelde does not consider quality to be important; no boxes but people are transported but for the prices paid you cannot even bring boxes from A to B ...

Minke Jansma

Citax Tiel turned out to be the cheapest tenderer, as a result of which the transport was awarded to them and from 1 August this year will provide the transport on behalf of the Samenwerkingsverband Welzijnszorg Oosterscheldegio (SWVO).

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Minke Jansma
Minke Jansma - FNV
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