From April 1, Joep Hendriks will start as director of River, a joint venture of carriers RET, HTM and NS. With this initiative, the carriers want to make it easier for travelers to plan, book and pay for a trip online with different means of transport in one go. In his new role, Hendriks is responsible for further developing the business platform and attracting as many new parties as possible.

Hendriks has broad experience in the transport sector. In recent years he was manager corporate strategy at NS. He also played a role in the company's crisis management organization from the start of the corona pandemic. In recent months, he has worked with his team to develop a future-proof business product portfolio. In the years before, he worked as secretary to the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board and as an employed lawyer. Before his career at NS he was a lawyer specializing in European and competition law. He also worked as a project manager for the predecessor of the Authority for Consumers & Markets.

"In my new position, I want to make it possible for every Dutch person to travel throughout the country with an app of their choice. We will achieve this with a new, groundbreaking technical platform that connects mobility providers and MaaS providers. Accessible, cost-efficient. and via a uniform, open standard. So that MaaS providers can offer a door-to-door journey via their apps, with all conceivable combinations of public transport, shared transport concepts and also taxi or rental car. As a society, we move from ownership to use. also applies to the transport sector. The River platform will be the catalyst for that movement. Any mobility provider or MaaS provider who wants to can access the new platform. The more parties that participate, the more impact we can make together for the traveler "

according to Joep Hendriks.

across River

Carriers HTM, NS and RET are committed to making it easier to plan, book and pay for combinations of transport via an app of your choice, so that the traveler can be taken into account at any time and taking into account the circumstances (weather, work, congestion, etc. ) can effortlessly put together an optimal trip. To this end, they are developing an open MaaS platform together with Siemens Mobility that makes this technically possible. This business platform serves as a power strip to connect MaaS providers on the one hand and mobility providers on the other in a more efficient way. To develop this platform, the carriers recently set up an independent, not-for-profit joint venture called Rivier.

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