According to a recent survey by Brussels Mobility, distraction plays an important role in accidents: one in five Brussels residents regularly uses the telephone in their car without a hands-free set. Brussels Mobility conducted a survey between the end of February and the beginning of March 2021 among a representative sample of 800 people aged 18 to 64 to gain a better insight into the magnitude of this phenomenon in Brussels. The results of the study confirm that the smartphone is one of the most common sources of distraction.

"Using smartphones behind the wheel increases the risk of accidents by a factor of 20. Not a single message, WhatsApp joke or Instagram post is worth a traffic accident. Ignoring your smartphone while driving can save lives. That applies to all road users. So, Dear Brussels resident: keep it safe and let that croissant, smartphone or coffee wait for a while. "

Elke Van den Brandt, Minister of Mobility and Road Safety

One in five Brussels residents sometimes or even regularly uses the telephone without a hands-free set to make calls in the car (21%), on the motorcycle / scooter (21%) or on the scooter (20%). This also applies to one in six cyclists (16%). 8% of the Brussels car drivers notes that they sometimes or regularly use their phone to send messages, check social media, etc. Also 17% of the drivers of a motorbike or scooter, 13% of the scooter users and 11% of the cyclists such behavior.  

One in two Brussels residents uses the phone on foot, although this can be very dangerous when crossing the road. An incoming message on the smartphone will distract you for 3 seconds. For 3 seconds both your gaze and your mind are distracted. As a cyclist or pedestrian you put yourself in danger, as a driver of a car or motorcycle you also put others at great risk. Because of that few seconds of inattention you drive dozens of meters blind. Do the math!

Anyone who uses a portable telephone without a hands-free set while driving is committing a second-degree violation and risks an immediate collection of € 116. This applies to the use of a telephone when driving any vehicle, for example a bicycle. Brussels Mobility starts with a new one awareness campaign to remind you that the risk of an accident is up to 20 times higher for those who use the phone while driving, even with a hands-free kit.

The campaign is primarily aimed at young Brussels residents aged 16 to 30 and highlights with a wink what can happen to you on the road - often totally unexpected - if you look away from the road for a few seconds for a message or a notification on your smartphone. . The campaign is largely online, with a supporting video. Several Brussels influencers have expressed their willingness to link their names to the campaign and will also share them on their social media: Benoit Do Quang, Alex the cage and Raia Maria Laura.

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