Incomprehensible that people still lock their pets in a car with this weather. Neighborhood officers found a dog in a car near Toverland Sevenum. They were able to open the car door through a crack in the window and get the dog out of the car. The dog's owner has been charged. The temperature in a car can quickly rise to over 40 degrees! This heat is life threatening for dogs, because it is difficult for them to lose their heat. Dogs do not sweat like humans, they can only lose heat through the soles of their feet and through their tongue by panting.

Punishment and liability

By law, everyone is obliged to provide necessary care to animals in need. The one who doesn't is punishable. The person who left the dog in the car is also punishable. When it comes to a matter of life or death of a dog in a car, breaking a car window can be regarded as a matter of care. You act in the interest of the owner of the dog and car. After all, your actions prevent more 'damage' to an owner's property, namely the dog. Any additional damage caused by this action, such as the window, will then be borne by the owner.

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The temperature in a car can quickly rise to over 40 degrees!
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