A study by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management shows that working from home is here to stay in our country, many companies want to continue working from home after the corona crisis. More than 1100 companies participated in the survey. The research also showed that companies want to make the journeys of their employees that they continue to make more sustainable. Due to the consequences of the corona crisis, many companies were forced to let their employees work from home. Corona showed that working from home was possible. Massive home-working facilities such as office chairs, laptops and desks were purchased for employees to make working from home as pleasant as possible. Online meetings were more the rule than the exception, this increased from no less than 52% to 94%. Previous research has shown that employees who work from home are more productive and can better combine work and private life.

“This is good news. 5% less traffic during rush hour already saves a lot of traffic jams. If people work from home on a regular basis, it saves them a lot of time, so that others can continue driving. Traveling outside rush hour also ensures better distribution and therefore less traffic on the road.”

Working from home also means less traffic and fewer traffic jams on the road. This saves a lot of travel time during the week, and also less nitrogen and CO2 emissions. The survey also showed that a third of companies want to invest in charging stations and electric cars at the company in the coming year that employees can use during business trips. A quarter of the companies want to use the lease bicycle scheme in the coming year to encourage employees to come to the company by bicycle. Eight percent less traffic during rush hour, according to the ministerie already half of the traffic jams on the road.

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“This study is not only good news for the traffic on the road and in the train, but also for our air quality. Employers are also working hard on cleaner commuter traffic. Bicycles, electric cars and charging stations. An example that I hope will follow. Because we all want to breathe clean air."

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