Some think it's super cute. Humor with a "wink" of which we could use a little more of it in the Netherlands instead of pushing everything straight to the point. You could wait for that to be a fuss. This time it comes from the political corner of the Haagsche Groenlinks. The long toes of GroenLinks councilor Marielle Vavier are getting longer. “This is not a joke guys, this is straight up sexismVavier said. Councilor Ralph Sluijs van Hart for The Hague responded to the GroenLinks criticism with a picture of a lemon on the acidity of the tweet.

conceived by woman vrouw

It's just a fun pun and who's to say this joke wasn't created by a woman, Natalie Storm, within HTM? “Must be kidding”, says Bruno Bruins, director of the HTM about the name of the new cheerful tram to the beach of Scheveningen. At the very least you can find this pun creative and well thought out or is it more of an 'old men' joke from Scheveningen that was portrayed? You immediately know which tram to take to the beach when you are at Holland Spoor station in The Hague.

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creator of the bikini line, Natalie Storm - HTM

Seagulls and steelband

Not only the outside of the tram is striking because of the cheerful beach stickers on the outside and inside of the tram, also the smell of the sea and even the sound of seagulls and a steel band when the stop is announced should give a positive feeling. Transport company HTM also introduced a fast tram connection between the city center and the beach. With only five stops, beachgoers are a lot faster in Scheveningen. It was a trial that would last four weeks, until the start of the summer timetable on 17 July. After that, as usual, HTM increased the frequency of tram 9 to every 4 to 5 minutes. 

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Bruno Bruins: "We want to give the happy feeling with this line"
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