Safe traffic in the Netherlands (VVN) has started again with the campaign: “Participating is easy”. Safe Traffic The Netherlands does everything it can to continuously improve road safety. For example, they collect figures on road safety and identify which traffic problems residents experience in their neighbourhood. They also provide traffic advice and organize neighborhood campaigns, in short, they are constantly on top of road safety in our country. With the campaign: “Participating is easy”, Safe Traffic Netherlands tries to have everyone contribute to more road safety. Anyone who sets 1 foot outside the door is a participant in traffic. And everyone who participates in traffic is responsible for safety in traffic. If we were all aware of this, it would be a lot safer on the road.

"Think about the effect if everyone behaves a little bit safer on the road. If everyone puts away their smartphone while driving, if everyone gives each other space, if everyone turns on their light. A small effort for an individual road user, but It will have a huge effect if we all do this."

Evert-Jan Hulshof - Director of Safe Traffic in the Netherlands.

These are small things such as: do not call with your phone in your hand on the bicycle, switch on your light on your bicycle when it is dusk or dark, extend your hand when you want to turn left or right, ring your bicycle bell once when you want to catch up with someone. If you are going to trim in twilight or dark, make sure you are visible by wearing special clothing and possibly lighting. Adjust your speed to the traffic situation, for example in a residential area or at a school. Depart on time so that you are not stressed and in a hurry behind the wheel. These are all kinds of small examples that require no effort but can probably prevent many accidents. Speeding is number 1 in traffic problems reported to Safe Traffic Netherlands. This traffic campaign, which has been in place since 2019, is intended to make everyone aware of their traffic behaviour, often people change their behavior if they are aware of it.

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