The youngsters among us will probably think: “what are they talking about”. Betamax competed with Video 2000 and VHS for the standard for video recorders in the 6s. That battle was won by VHS at the time. As it looks now, it seems to be heading in the same direction with hydrogen. Euro XNUMX, electric or hydrogen. There is a lot of talk about electric transport as a sustainable alternative to diesel or petrol, but driving on hydrogen is also on the rise. The big question is who will win this battle in the coming years. Hydrogen is in fact not a fuel but an energy carrier. The cars refuel hydrogen, which is converted into electrical energy in the vehicle by a so-called fuel cell. 

The Dutch Climate Agreement sees hydrogen playing a 'crucial role' in the Dutch energy transition. Hydrogen and fuel cell technology should play an important role in the transition to a cleaner energy system. And yet in the Netherlands we are not leading the way when it comes to hydrogen refueling installations. Plans are ready for hydrogen filling stations in Amsterdam, Breda, Pesse, Rotterdam Airport, Schiphol, and Utrecht. The aim is to be able to fill up with hydrogen throughout the Netherlands as quickly as possible. The network of hydrogen stations is also growing outside the Netherlands. There are now 87 hydrogen stations in Germany. There are already plans to expand this to 2023 in XNUMX.

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More hydrogen filling stations are expected in the coming years.

In the Drechtsteden, the development of hydrogen is in full swing. Stroomlijn participates in the hydrogen innovation table, which is facilitated by the Employers Drechtsteden. The idea for a mobility HUB in Alblasserdam was born there, together with Berkman Petrol stations and subsidy advisors IMC. The municipality of Alblasserdam soon joined in and the GRD is also participating. The HUB is a place where people come together and are facilitated in sustainable mobility. Hydrogen and electric charging are offered. but also services that make mobility more efficient. Think of flex and meeting places, public transport, shared cars, scooters and bicycles. Also restaurants, sports and recreational opportunities.

government innovation

The Wijkhopper of Stoomlijn has been submitted as a candidate for the 'Government innovation of the year 2021'. An election organized by the Association for Government Management. Along with 40 other entries, Stroomlijn is on the longlist of participants. On September 1, this list will be reduced to a shortlist of 10, who will be allowed to pitch to an expert jury in a 'Dragon's Den format', after which 3 finalists remain to be visited by the jury. Then the application of these 3 innovations in practice is assessed. The festive award ceremony will be held on 18 November in the Ridderzaal in The Hague.


Lisette de Lijster de Raadt has earned her spurs on the contractor side of target group transport. She took over her father's taxi company at a young age and expanded it into a leading target group carrier. In 2015, she made the switch to the client side, with which she now uses her specific knowledge and skills to work on practical and sustainable transport solutions. Lisette de Lijster de Raadt has been an ambassador for the application of hydrogen in target group transport for a few months now.

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Lisette de Lijster de Raadt - Ambassador of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management for the application of hydrogen in DGV
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