From now on, parents can travel with their children at Maasstad Regiecentrale (MRC). By downloading the free MRC app from the AppStore or PlayStore, grandma or grandpa, and a child's parents or guardian can now follow minute by minute where their favorite and the MRC bus is. As soon as the bus leaves for the child, it can already be followed to the boarding address. Once the child has got in, the users of the MRC app can follow the car until their child has got out of the school. The return route in the afternoon can also be consulted in the same way.

user experience

MRC wants to put the traveler first. Not only the driver, his driving style and the condition of the car are important here, the user experience comes first in terms of experience. In the event of calamities en route, such as delays, the parents of the children in the relevant route that are experiencing the inconvenience receive a 'push message', if desired. With more information about the delay or the new estimated time of arrival, you can follow the student transport in real time.

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MRC mainly wants to focus on the traveler.

"88% of travelers give up on a user-unfriendly app. A waste of investment for many transport companies"

Innovation is becoming increasingly important in the taxi sector. Companies mainly distinguish themselves in the way in which the customer experiences the experience of travel. The user experience is an important topic that often gets too little attention during student transport. The 'user experience' is the feeling a person gets while traveling. 

In recent years, Eindhoven-based Pitane BV has mainly focused on these key points in the development of mobile applications and therefore remains a leader for others. In practice, 'user experience' is about identifying and removing barriers and making it very easy for users to use mobile applications. The Rotterdam MRC chose the Pitane Arrive technology as its basis.

about Maasstad Regie Centrale 

Maasstad Regie Centrale is currently one of the fast-growing taxi companies in the Rotterdam region and is active in taxi transport and student transport for clients and passenger transport for healthcare institutions. The company places high demands on the level of its people, automation and resources. 

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Maasstad Regie Centrale is currently one of the fast-growing taxi companies
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