Amaze Mobility today introduces the Amaze Mobility app. The mobility platform makes transport flexible and carefree by offering transport options and providers in one clear app. The initiative arose from one of the MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) pilots of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, with the aim of making commuting more sustainable.
By bringing providers together in one app, Amaze Mobility lets travelers choose the transport option that suits them best at that time. The traveler can choose from the various options, or for a combination thereof. 

Own transport or walking can also be part of the trip. In addition, the entire journey is paid for via the app and no separate OV chip card is required. This makes it easier for the business user to declare travel expenses. Today Amaze Mobility is introducing the mobility app for the whole of the Netherlands. Almost all providers of public transport are connected to the app. Various other transport services can also be found and booked, such as Amber shared cars, Urbee shared bicycles and TCA taxis. In addition, the nearest public transport bicycles and shared scooters from Felyx and Check can be found. Amaze Mobility is working on adding as many transport providers as possible.

MaaS pilot Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Amaze Mobility originated as an initiative in the MaaS pilot of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, in collaboration with the municipality of Amsterdam. The aim of the pilot is a mobility service that makes commuting more sustainable and reduces solitary car use. Although the pilot focuses on the region around the Amsterdam Zuidas, the Amaze Mobility app can be used throughout the Netherlands.

Frank van Tussenbroek of Amaze Mobility about the new app: “We have developed Amaze to make travel options from A to B clear and to let you choose the mode of transport that suits you best at that time. For example, a shared bicycle when the sun is shining, or an electric shared scooter when you want to travel sustainably. Convenience comes first: everything is clearly arranged in one app, from finding the nearest means of transport and booking your trip, to paying and an overview of all your trips. Our ambition is to make Amaze Mobility the mobility app in the whole of the Netherlands."

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TCA Amsterdam
Amber shared cars, Urbee shared bicycles and TCA taxis.
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