We notice it on the road and also in public transport, it is getting busier and in that area you may sometimes long for the peace that the corona pandemic brought with it. Standing in traffic jams every day and waiting for the next bus because it feels too full for you also happens again. Yet it is wonderful that society has largely started up again and that we have been able to resume our normal lives as much as possible. The Dutch Railways is always innovating and making it as pleasant and easy as possible for the traveler. They offer a new service for employers, NS Go. With NS Go, the employer has the option of determining when and which means of transport the employee may use.

“Nobody knows how the end of corona will go and nobody knows exactly what the travel behavior and the work-from-home policy will look like after the pandemic. We notice that employers struggle with this. Our new NS Go service is based on this uncertainty, so that employers can always offer their employees the right transport, regardless of whether you go to work every day or only sporadically. And without the hassle of receipts that have to be declared”.

Ivo Steffens, Director of Commerce at NS.

The means of transport include the bicycle, car, train and even a taxi. With this service, employees can easily plan a journey from door to door via the NS app. In this way, the NS is trying to welcome travelers back after the corona pandemic and to better adapt to the new way of travelling. Travel behavior has changed enormously during the corona pandemic, and the question is what this will look like in the future. Of NS Go employers can always provide the right transport to their employees, regardless of what day they go to work and whether these are fixed days. The employee does not have receipts that have to be declared, everything goes through the NS app.

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Easily plan your journey with the NS app.
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