The cabinet wants to introduce the national helmet requirement for light moped riders from 1 January 2023. That is what Minister Visser of Infrastructure and Water Management (IenW) writes to the House of Representatives. The Scooters section of the RAI Association is pleased that the scooter industry and users are given more time to properly prepare for the introduction and that the speed pedelec helmet can also be used. Although the Scooters section is and remains not in favor of a helmet requirement, it is of the opinion that now that implementation is final, careful introduction must be given top priority.

The introduction of the helmet requirement for light-moped riders has a major impact on both entrepreneurs and all nearly 800.000 light-moped riders in the Netherlands. Time is needed to ensure that everyone can properly prepare for the introduction. RAI Association Scooters section is pleased that the Minister is aware of the importance of a careful introduction process and that instead of 1 July 2022, the introduction is now envisaged on 1 January 2023. This gives the sector an extra six months to complete the transition. to arrange.

Speed ​​pedelec helmet

The Scooters section is also pleased that light moped users will soon be able to use the speed pedelec helmet. This comfortable, safe lightweight helmet was previously developed for speed pedelec users together with the bicycle industry members of the RAI Association. They reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

Negative effects

Despite the use of the speed pedelec helmet, the scooter section fears that in the near future many moped users will abandon their moped or no longer buy a new one. This has an immediate effect on sustainability, because no new market is greening as quickly as the light moped sector. Almost 2021 percent of all new mopeds registered in 40 are now electric. Moreover, previous research commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has shown that when a helmet requirement is introduced, some of the users will switch to the car, which will also put pressure on the accessibility and quality of life in the city. 

Level playing field for all Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs)

The Scooters section is also concerned that certain groups of moped riders will soon opt for new, much faster vehicles that are introduced on the market as electric bicycles, but in reality are not at all. In practice, these vehicles, such as certain fat bikes, sometimes reach top speeds of 45 km/h, sometimes have a throttle and are therefore actually a moped by law. However, there is insufficient enforcement and users do not wear helmets. This puts even more pressure on safety on the cycle path. It is therefore essential that the introduction of the helmet requirement is also seen in relation to the introductions of all new LEVs and the new upcoming legislation for these types of vehicles. The Scooters section urges the House of Representatives to use the later implementation date to align the regulations surrounding LEVs and light mopeds and to arrive at a total picture of safe use of the entire road for all (new) vehicles. Royal RAI Association

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From 1 January 2023, a helmet obligation will apply on the moped.
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