Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works Lydia Peeters will roll out ultra-fast chargers (≥49kW) at 150 locations (along motorway and regional roads) in Flanders. In concrete terms, ultra-fast charging infrastructure will be installed at 8 locations in Antwerp, 7 in Limburg, 13 in East Flanders, 13 in Flemish Brabant and 8 in West Flanders before June 2024. This specifically concerns multiple service zones, carpool parkings, Hoppin points and Park & ​​Rides. The locations were chosen through the call for ultra-fast chargers launched on 9 July 2021. 

“The car parks along large and busy traffic axes are important and strategically located locations for expanding our charging infrastructure. In this way we ensure that charging infrastructure is offered every 25 kilometers along major traffic axes. We provide 5,4 million euros for this”, says Minister Peeters.

Stimulate and facilitate

In Flanders, we are faced with far-reaching social, economic, technological and climatic challenges that will significantly change our mobility and travel behaviour.

“With a view to the switch to zero-emission vehicles, as also included in the Flemish Climate Plan, an accelerated expansion of charging infrastructure is necessary”, said Minister Peters. “Charging infrastructure along our highways gives drivers of electric cars the confidence to always be able to 'charge' nearby, thereby stimulating the transition to zero-emission cars.”

Another call for projects from Minister Peeters, the semi-public call, yielded 9798 charging equivalents. Together with the results of the call for projects for ultra-fast chargers, at least 12.600 charging equivalents will be added in Flanders within the next two years. The next call for projects for ultra-fast chargers will be in January 2022, so that by the end of this legislature, fast charging infrastructure will be available every 25 km along highways and busy traffic axes.

Flemish minister Lydia Peeters“People who drive electrically will primarily charge at home and at work, but drivers must also always be able to charge on the road. Proximity, accessibility and trust are the keywords here: people must be able to rely on fast and close charging everywhere.”

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