The phenomenon of brake checking; Deliberately stepping on the brake pedal in front of a truck is growing in the Netherlands. 86,9% of Dutch professional drivers have experienced this form of road aggression themselves. More than three quarters of truck drivers (77,3%) have even experienced it several times during their work.

This is apparent from the National Drivers Survey, which was held for the fourth time on the initiative of Logistic Force, HR service provider in the Transport & Logistics sector. 824 Dutch professional drivers participated in the study.

Top 5 traffic annoyances of the Dutch Trucker:

  1. Motorists shooting in front of the truck when exiting.
  2. Deliberate braking for the truck (Brake Checking).
  3. Distracted fellow road users by mobile telephones.
  4. Motorists driving slower than 80 km/h on the highway
  5. Disruption from other road users while merging or merging

"With a length of more than 18 meters and a weight of 50 tons, unexpected actions carry a great risk. This form of traffic aggression is life-threatening for your own road safety, for the driver, but also for other road users who drive behind the truck. They have a reduced view of the situation with all its possible consequences, so it is important that we draw attention to this."

Driving instructor Toon Geerts from Thinq Academy.

The National Drivers Survey

In addition to traffic annoyances, it was also investigated how Dutch drivers view relevant themes within the profession, such as staff shortages and the role of technological innovations. 67% of drivers indicate that they notice the driver shortage in their daily work. 75% of drivers think that the profession will look different in ten years' time due to technological developments. A quarter of drivers even see technological innovations as a threat to their own job.

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National Drivers Survey.
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