In half of the cases, it leads to lurching, slowing down or missing a turn.

Almost everyone has WhatsApp on their phone. This is no different for taxi drivers and we are even seeing an increase in the Telegram messaging service. We absolutely encourage the use of anti-distraction apps and do not disturb features because every less message on the road makes traffic a little safer. Still, the reason drivers while driving make use of these services is simple. 

It is often the fastest way to pass on address details and journey orders from the taxi company. Still, it is tempting to take a look when the phone sounds or vibrates. Research shows that in most cases (84 percent) the messages received are seen as unimportant. And yet they are often the cause of a traffic accident. Even if you are curious when you receive a message, realize that reading and replying to it leads to dangerous situations.


Nowadays, the smart software on the phone is able to read out the messages and even start the navigation automatically. The new Pitane Driver application, developed by the Eindhoven Pitane BV, now also shows and hears the messages. For safety reasons, you can only respond to the messages when the driver is standing still. The app already offered all the functionalities one would expect from a driver application, but the new software goes much further. By using this app, other messaging services can be used on Do Not Disturb.

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fine for phone use behind the wheel considerably higher

"The survey shows that seven out of ten Dutch people receive messages or notifications on their telephones when they are in a car, bicycle, scooter, moped or light moped. Although they do not respond in most cases, two thirds admit they sometimes do. to read."

Do you ever use the phone behind the wheel? Then you know you're wrong. But in Belgium it can really cost you dear. You are a danger on the road, because you are not involved with traffic. Therefore, drivers can temporarily lose their driver's license if the police catch them. Anyone who uses a mobile device while driving without it being secured in a holder intended for that purpose risks immediate withdrawal of the driver's license for a period of eight days.

This is not the only action that Belgium is taking against smartphone use behind the wheel. Last year, the House Committee already voted on a new law that should make it illegal to hold a smartphone behind the wheel. Belgians can expect high fines for this.

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