At least forty percent of the vehicle kilometers must be driven with vehicles that are emission-free.

The municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch has placed a contract notice with the aim of contracting contractor(s) to carry out the daily transport of studentsyoung people and employees to school, work and day treatment. It concerns agreements in two lots, but the municipality wants a different contractor for each plot. Registration for both lots by the same contractor is not allowed. Den Bosch has chosen to go through a European public tender procedure without pre-selection.


The award criteria include a 50% weighting for the quality of the iimplementation plan, 10% for sustainability and 40% for the price. After the expiry of the initial term of 6 years, the agreement of both lots can be extended for two periods of one year. Transport includes adapted transport, as described in the School Transport Regulation, of students within the municipality of Den Bosch and to and from schools and internship locations in Vught and Sint-Michielsgestel. 

The transport also includes employees to and from a sheltered workplace at Weener XL within the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch and to and from sheltered workplaces in Vught and Sint-Michielsgestel and the transport of young people within the framework of the Youth Act within the municipality of Den Bosch. and from and to care locations in Vught and Sint-Michielsgestel.

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student transport from Driel - Oss

At least forty percent of the vehicle kilometers (loaded and unladen) must be driven with vehicles that are emission-free. These are electric vehicles or hydrogen vehicles. An exception to this are vehicles in which wheelchair-bound pupils or mobility scooters are transported. Entries below the minimum of 40,00% and above the maximum of 100,00% and maximum 70,00% respectively are invalid and will be excluded.

waiting room construction

The municipality concludes an agreement with the winning tenderer for each lot. An agreement is also concluded with the tenderer who finished second. Characteristic of this second agreement is that it does not include an order for execution. The tenderer will only be considered for the contract if the winning tenderer, for whatever reason, is unable to fulfill the obligations in its agreement. This could also be the result of bankruptcy. 

This method is known as the “waiting room construction”. If the agreement with the winning tenderer is terminated or dissolved, an agreement for the execution of the assignment will be concluded with the second-ranked tenderer. This tender procedure is conducted entirely via TenderNed. This means it sending and receiving documents and all communication takes place via TenderNed. The closing date for the lots has been set at October 11, 2022.

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