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The extra travel time can be from 30 to 45 minutes.

In the event of work announced in advance, you can expect NS to provide sufficient replacement buses on the relevant routes. Due to delivery problems, this is no longer possible in more and more cases. Replacement buses are put out to tender by NS from two external parties that take over the logistical concerns. In turn, they must ensure that sufficient agreements have been made with bus companies to guarantee sufficient capacity. The latter is becoming less and less successful.

Unfortunately, no trains can run on Tuesday evening, August 16, but there are also no replacement buses. This is not the first time that NS has failed to deploy enough buses during work activities. Earlier this summer there were long-term work at Geldermalsen, even then there was a shortage of buses. And there has also been work at Hoogeveen, without enough buses. After the corona period, the coach industry is struggling with a major shortage of drivers.

Unplanned work on the track that is not immediately urgent and that prevents trains from running is unacceptable if proper replacement bus transport has not been arranged. This is the opinion of the Maatschappij Voor Beter OV in response to the message from ProRail that no train traffic from, via and to Amersfoort and the surrounding area will be possible next Tuesday evening because a certain system is being replaced because it causes malfunctions too often, and the NS subsequently reports that there are there will be no replacement bus transport.

In the summer months, many coach companies also work for tour operators. That work offers them security and the buses are then used for trips abroad, resulting in insufficient availability for NS. More and more we see that a shortage of drivers is used for non-compliance with the contractual obligations between parties, which then bears the brunt of the passengers. Besides the fact that there is a national staff shortage in terms of drivers, bus companies also do not have enough buses available that meet the requirements. The staff shortage among drivers will continue for a while. 

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If you use replacement transport with an NS bus, you need a valid NS ticket. With an OV chip card you travel just like with the train. You check in when you get on the bus and you check out when you get off the bus. If your journey starts or ends with a train ride, you also check in and out at the departure and arrival stations. Unfortunately, NS cannot guarantee the frequency with which the buses run due to the current staff shortage at the bus companies, so NS warns travelers that the wait may take longer than usual. The extra travel time can be from 30 to 45 minutes.

If you use replacement transport with an NS bus, you need a valid NS ticket.

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