Customers in the hospitality industry can easily bleep their taxi.

At the Eindhoven software company Pitane Mobility, they believe that if you make it very easy to order a taxi from hotels, bars and restaurants, more turnover, loyalty and journeys will be generated. What used to be done only via cabinets, linked to expensive subscriptions, is now a thing of the past in the catering industry. Entrepreneurs can now give their employees access to their own booking screen and even let customers easily 'bleep' their taxi if they use the Bliepen network which is currently being rolled out everywhere.

When an employee has to order a taxi over the phone, it takes a lot of time and effort. It is also not clear what the order list was for the entrepreneur who likes to be rewarded for his loyalty by the transport company. By integrating Pitane Compact Horeca into the cash register, booking a taxi has become simple and much more customer-friendly. Business customers expect the best possible service and, above all, a car that arrives to meet their specific needs.

Are you going out? Can the party end in the taxi?

The nightlife is accompanied by conviviality and customers do not want to waste a lot of time ordering a taxi. When he wants to go home, he doesn't have to think about safety and good service first. That should be the most normal thing in the world by default.

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Customers in the hospitality industry can easily bleep their taxi.

prepay, no problem

The Pitane Compact Horeca system is linked to innovative automation. The costs for a ride with a street taxi depend on the starting rate, the distance and the duration of the ride. A maximum rate applies for all these components. This rate prevents you as a customer from having to pay too much. Paying in advance for the ride is one of the many options. Without the pub owner having to worry about the payment, the system automatically sends the customer a little bit. He can then pay for the ride in advance, which prevents surprises in the taxi.

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Coming soon bleep also set your world in motion and show what freedom of mobility does to you. From public transport to the scooter, from bicycles to a taxi. Mobility comes in every form! Bliepen is the platform where transport companies, local providers of shared mobility and consumers find each other and jointly facilitate mobility.


Those who go out with their friends will soon be able to use the payment request app Tikkie with a new function in which groups of people can settle shared costs. With 'Groupie', as the function is called, multiple people can indicate what they have paid and the app automatically calculates what each group member owes whom. The idea is not revolutionary. Here too, users can enter their receipts and the app takes the math out of their hands.

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