Curfew disappears and terraces open again

In fact, the situation surrounding the coronavirus has "not changed unbelievably much" compared to last week, when the cabinet still shrank from the first relaxation of the measures. "But just enough", says outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who now dares to take the risk. That means good news for catering entrepreneurs, who are after months

Easing of lockdown by week moved to April 28

The planned relaxation of the lockdown has been postponed by one week to April 28. A spokesperson for the Government Information Service informed the ANP about this. Earlier this week, it was leaked that the cabinet hoped to be able to expand the corona measures on April 21. "That is just too early," said the spokesman.

Support Halsema's call to open terraces

The call from Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema to reopen the terraces and other outdoor spaces in a responsible manner is receiving support from colleagues. Her counterparts Ahmed Aboutaleb of Rotterdam, Sharon Dijksma of Utrecht and Jan van Zanen of The Hague let their spokespersons know that they too