We can look up the terraces, but perhaps the advice is to look for a covered terrace. Saturday evening the wind will be less strong and that is according to Jaco van Wezel a tentative introduction to a calmer weather pattern that we will likely encounter during Pentecost. For outdoor activities during the Whitsun weekend, fresh and changeable weather must be taken into account. There is a daily chance of showers, possibly also with some hail or a thunderstorm. The maximums are around 15 degrees. Not an ideal situation for the terraces that can be opened. The chance of showers remains, but there are also dry periods with more room for the sun.

coldest spring since 2013

With temperatures of 13 to 15 degrees it remains on the fresh side. This makes the spring of 2021 the coldest since 2013, according to Weeronline. Only three warm days have been recorded in De Bilt this year, where the temperature was 20 degrees or higher. Normally that is about XNUMX days at this time of the year.

catering wants to get started ...

The rain and strong wind spoiled Scheveningen. Unfortunately, the Scheveningen terraces were deserted again on Saturday. No breakfast on the beach this time because many beach bars have closed up. With this weather it makes no sense, Scheveningen is almost extinct in bad weather.

Catering entrepreneurs are happy that they can stay open until 20.00 p.m. On Friday evening the chilly weather meant that we were looking for a place on a covered and heated terrace. For many entrepreneurs, an additional problem is finding personnel for the operation and help in the kitchen. Many entrepreneurs do not dare to wave contracts as long as the guests cannot sit inside. In addition, many of their permanent employees have now taken on a different job. Super happy to be able to receive guests again, but there is still the need to be able to receive guests within 'responsible'.

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Santos Scheveningen
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